Anti COVID-19 measures

Dear guest,

in this time of spread of the COVID-19, we assure you that your safety remain our highest priority.

We have stepped up precautionary measures in addition to routine protocol:



  • The frequency of cleaning and disinfecting in public spaces has been increased, with a focus on the front desk, public bathrooms, door handles and even room keys;
  • Hand sanitiserhas been placed at front desk;
  • Infrared thermometers are available at front desk to perform temperature checks for our guests and employees upon request;
  • Masks and gloves are provided for our guests and employees upon request, subject to availability.



  • All rooms – after a rigorous cleaning - are treated with Ozone after guests depart and before the next guest arrives. Ozone guarantes the destruction of viruses and bacteria, as well al mites and pests. At the end of the treatment, the environment is completely sanitized.
  • To minimise the risk of a Legionella infection air conditioning filters pads are regularly removed in order to clean them and units are disinfected with a biocide;
  • Every 6 months we foresee the replacement of tap filters and the removal or replacement (if necessary) of showerheads to avoid the risk of Legionella bacteria and gram negative bacteria;
  • Bed lines and towels are entrusted to authorized and certified industrial laundries;
  • Our employees are regularly trained ensuring hygiene and awareness of COVID-19;
  • All our cleaning products are certified and equipped with technical data sheets.



  • In our restaurant large distances between tables are guaranteed;
  • In the kitchen tools and procedures are adopted aimed at guaranteeing the helthiness of food:
  • blast chillers are used to safeguard the quality of food. The blast chillers makes it possible to “cross” the range of hazardous temperatures quickly.
  • Innovative cooking techniques like sous vide cooking (low temperature cooking with vacuum bag –CBT in italian) guarantee higher hygene standards and extend shelf life;
  • Regular training of our employees in the HACCP principles (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points);
  • All our cleaning products are certified and equipped with technical data sheets.



  • CASH: in order to reduce physical contacts during check in time and avoid the exchange of money among hands, we give all our guests the possibility to pay by debit and credit card. For those who opt for prepaid rates it is possible to prepay by bank transfer or by credit card remote payment;


  • PASSPORTS: online check in is available for all our guests. Before your stay you will receive a link that leads you to the online check in. You can enter all your personal data.


For any other request, please, send an email to or contact us at the number 0832 342360.