We are almost there! Now very little is missing and everything will be ready for the start of the new season! To frame the frenzy of the last preparations, the colors of spring: everywhere, around the farm, wildflowers peep out and show themselves in all their beauty. Unfailing with us, our faithful travel companions and preparations ... the owners of the house fluttering and not! Today we almost had the impression that someone was euphoric waiting for the first arrivals: between one affair and another, from case to case, our steps move to the rhythm of their strangest and nicest verses.

They call us and we don't make them wait… today our break is in the hen house! Waiting for us, the eggs of geese and chickens and, then there is him, our Gino, the bizarre beech that with his red head moves around, hopping without stopping, creating great confusion! Further on, as if to simulate the general rehearsals of a good welcome, Ada is waiting for us, giving us her most beautiful close-up that seems to open up in a big smile. In short, they are waiting for you and so are we! In the masseria everything is almost ready!