Spring cleaning

The moment has come! After the extraordinary maintenance - small restyling interventions without which no 'lady' with a few centuries on her shoulders can think of facing a new season! - we dedicate ourselves to large cleaning.

Monday 14 March, 7.30 am, it starts from the hall.

It starts with the washing of the fabric chairs, continues by brushing and disinfecting the carpets, finally moving to the tables and external fixtures. The day is not the best, the cold still makes itself felt, yet wandering through the farm already seems to hear the chatter of guests intent on having breakfast under the porch; in the distance, the noise of the pool water will be that Swedish customer who does not give up a swim in the morning before breakfast! Someone must have approached the donkeys, Ada and Teresa can be heard braying. The rooster continues to sing and from the kitchen smells of coffee and freshly baked pastries! Will anyone at the gate be the new guests? "Good morning, we had an appointment for the delivery of the furniture." Right, it's March 14th! Forgive the mess, we are busy with spring cleaning!